Welcome to Galt Engineering Solutions - Substation Design Group


 Galt Engineering is an independent consulting firm, which provides engineering services in the medium voltage power arena including design, studies, analysis, and special projects. 

Galt's current focus is hyper-scale data center power systems and bulk-power substation design and engineering.

Galt's goal is to provide exceptional Customer service to electric utilities, industrial and commercial owners, bulk power providers, developers, contractors, consultants, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, OEM's, manufacturer's reps, and test labs in this space. Based on our broad experience in the IOU, consulting, and electrical equipment manufacturing areas we aim to provide personalized service focused on your needs and satisfaction.

Galt Engineering can handle your complete project related to designing electrical systems, preparing preliminary and final drawings, bills of materials, equipment specifications, and bid documents for both procurement of the major equipment as well as for hiring an electrical contractor to build it. Galt's responsibilities can include working with the contractor and suppliers answering questions and providing direction and communications with the Owner, through construction, commissioning, and start-up. Galt can also be responsible for providing the final drawing set completed from contractor as-built mark-ups along with all the equipment manufacturers catalog, installation and maintenance information as well as training.